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At the Beach with Friends
Bed & Breakfast in Hilo, Hawaii


The gardens and neighborhood

All guests are invited to stroll through and relax in the garden.  Enjoy the seaside atmosphere on over an acre of tropical gardens containing a series of natural anchialine (where fresh water meets the sea) lagoons. 

These lagoons are created by tidal waters flowing upward through depressions and tunnels in the lava.  Old lava flows and lava tubes have subsided below the sea level over hundreds of years and are exposed by the weathering away of their upper portions.  The beautiful natural lava formations provide a stunning lagoon bottom and rugged edges.

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Fresh water flows downward from the mountains underground to the lagoons on its way out to sea.  These unique lagoons experience water level changes twice a day with the tides.  

The ancient Hawaiians were highly skilled aquaculturists who stocked these ponds with choice young fish.  These brackish lagoons still contain small native shrimp and edible fish such as aholehole and mullet, as well as our pet koi. 

Native Hawaiian ducks and a wild heron have been residents on the property longer then we have.  

Enjoy the wildlife whether a rare visit from a wild pig or neighorhood children jumping ot of the jumping tree at the beach.  From blue toed geckos to coqui frogs, enjoy the natural life all around you.  
​​View the passing of cruise ships in the twilight on the way out of port as the the sunset lights up the slopes of Mauna Kea with a rosy glow.​  Play a ukulele.  Go for a run or walk along the shoreline and on quiet Nene Street.

Neighborhood Beaches:  We are located in the Leleiwi neighborhood beach community which is home to numerous and diverse beach parks within one mile of shoreline. It is a place where anyone or everyone may show up.  Our guests can walk to many of these bathing and fishing grounds or just stay home and watch others fishing, swimming and picnicking along the shoreline.  Spot breaching whales, spinner dolphins, and the shadow of grazing sea turtles.

After a busy day, many of us enjoy taking a short walk to snorkel at Richardson's black sand beach.  This is one of East Hawaii's most popular beach parks, known for its array of tropical fish and sea turtles that can easily be viewed up close in the sheltered off shore reefs.​  

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